Our Story

Foundation for Human Learning and Growth - Aastha is an institution that is focused on fostering well being of individuals through their journey of self discovery to get closer to their truth. The basic paradigms of our work are drawn from both the East and the West, Eastern philosophy, Study of Human Identity Patterns (specifically Indian Identities) and the Western approach of reality assessment and action orientation. We have a quarter century of experience and application that is integrated into our programmes. Aastha aims to provide an opportunity for individuals from any walk of life to take a pause and reflect on themselves, relationships, roles in the various systems that they are part of. It also enables individuals to redefine, renew, re - energise, and recalibrate within, in turn leading to newer directions and action choices.

Our Story


Our story begins with a vision & clarity of intent to bring the transformative power of Process Work to the Educational and Social Sector in India. By creating Change Agents / Thought Leaders who in turn would impact their circles of influence. The Foundation for Human Learning and Growth – Aastha was registered as a Public Education (Not For Profit) Trust in 1995. Ms. Seetha Ananthasivan, the Founder Trustee, initiated a creative departure, to synthesize learning from Indian Society for Individual and Social Development (ISISD) to facilitate growth of individuals with a focus on the Education  and Social sectors. The trustees of Aastha were institutional or professional members of (ISISD).


The founder trustee of ISISD (Indian Society for Individual and Social Development) was late Prof. Pulin Garg, Professor IIM Ahmedabad. He was an intellectual, a scholar, a person who deeply understood processes of Human Behaviour and Personal Growth. He was his own kind of Zen Master, sensitive, humane, down to earth, creative, perceptive and insightful and much more, all rolled into one. Pulin drew together a vibrant community, to create a unique pioneering institution in India integrating Eastern Philosophical thought of Self Enquiry and Western Discipline of group work.

Process Work

  • is the practice of working to enhance the well being of individuals & their collectives through self reflection and enquiry.
  • has a body of knowledge that is drawn from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Mythology, Behavioural Science, Poetry, Literature etc. and takes place in a group setting.
  • is committed to action both within an individual in terms of inner transformation and newer action choices in the Outer World.


The philosophy of Aastha is based on the belief that learning is transformative when the individual is mobilized from within. Experiential learning enables deep mobilization. Experiential learning a process of experiencing, sharing experiences, reflecting on and re-working one's frames and making action choices.

Based on this philosophy, Aastha's core processes are:

  • Experiential learning, self-enquiry and collaborative learning.
  • Search for perspective and processes that are relevant to their context and responsive to emerging reality.
  • Fostering a holistic and ecological approach in learning and growth.

The Context

These are Questions that have confronted mankind time & again in groups

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I the way I am? 
  • Is this the only way I can be?

Our programmes engage with these questions to explore the unfolding of the Self.

About Our Programmes

  • New directions - The invitation is to explore newer possibilities and action choices.
  • Managing transition – To anchor in faith and reinvent one-self.
  • Emotive landscape - To Validate how One feels
  • Breaking boundaries - Explore limits and expand horizons.
  • Legitimizing self/claiming membership - To Explore the nature of one’s belonging in systems
  • Deepening connections - Find deeper connects with Oneself & Others
  • Realizing potential - Give roots and wings to your dreams and aspirations.


Personal Growth Programme

Programmes for “Individuals” from the Corporate Sector / Educators


Confluence 1997

Confluence - National Conference on Holistic Education at Bangalore, programmes on Personal Growth, Learning Adventure etc 


Confluence 1998

Confluence - National Conference on Indian Knowledge Systems in Education 


Seminar for Process Work Facilitators

Skill building Seminar


Advanced Lab

Advanced Lab for Trustees


Confluence - A Process Work Segue

Process Work Conference


Development Labs

4 Development Labs for Governing Council Members


Summer Events

23 Summer institutions including programmes for Professional Development as facilitators, Personal growth and Children & Youth programmes


Winter Events

12 Winter Events - 1) Managing Transitions in self and organizations 2) Explorations in Role and Identity in Organizations


Institution Building Meets

8 Institution Building Meets with Professional, Institutional Members and Interns of Aastha


Advanced Labs with Meta Themes

Aesthetics of Intimacy 2018
Psychodrama- 2017
Prakruthi & Purush - Gender Identity - 2014
Body Identity - 2012
Explorations in Inner & Outer Ecology - 2011
Thresholds of Being & Becoming-2009
Imperatives & Inevitables of Being Human - 2008
Aham Brahmasmi'- 2007
Exploring Mythological Identities - 2005
Body Identity - 2004
Aham Brahmasmi' - 2002


Pravaah 2019

Pravaah - Conference on Applied Behavioural Sciences & Process Work