Knowing yourself is the
beginning of all wisdomAristotle

What is necessary to change
a person is to change
his awareness of himselfAbraham Maslow

The privilege of a lifetime is
to become who you truly areCarl Gustav Jung

Challenge yourself.
Its the only path
that leads to growthMorgan Freeman

In order to see,
you have to stop being
in the middle of the pictureSri Aurobindo

Nobody can hurt me
without my permissionMahatma Gandhi

Aastha is an institution working with individuals and communities. It is a not for profit trust established in 1995. The Foundation for Human Learning and Growth, Aastha offers ‘Experiential’ personal / professional growth programmes during the annual Summer and Winter Events. These programmes help in realising inherent untapped potential for the wellbeing of individuals and their systems. These events also help individuals own their stories and foster their unique strengths. Process Work and Applied Behavioural Science principles and methodologies are used to work with participants in a group setting.

Core Beliefs

  • Human potential for growth and development is vast and limitless.

  • Individual wellbeing depends on holistic approach to life, work, relationships and society.

  • Individuals discover their unique inner resources in enabling spaces of connectedness.

  • New challenges call for new ways of connecting with and operating from our humanness.

  • Transformation is possible when we engage with Learning from Living.

Our Offerings

The Summer Event is our annual Flagship Programme offered in the month of May every year that brings together participants from all...

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The Winter Event aims to create a vibrant learning experiential space, in which participants engage at a deeper level, connect with...

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Advanced / Meta Labs are process labs with a thematic and macro focus. They look beyond the dynamics of individuals / relationships to...

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We have initiated online learning sessions for our members to keep alive the process of deeply engaging with the self and staying...

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Aastha offers short programmes to take a pause, reflect on the pushes and pulls of life and living and get in touch with one’s thinking...

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