Paper Presentations

  • Phenomenology, Existentialism and Process Work
    Ashutosh Bhupatkar

    To understand a discipline, you must know its history. Process Work is a discipline, in the way it follows a particular paradigm, it has boundaries and it is inculcated through learning and internship. There is an apparent absence of theory perplexing interns and new members. Many members after years of experience still look for a basis of process work in this or that framework. Some look at ancient Indian treatises on Yoga to discover a link...

  • Inner Work Through Yoga
    Raghu Ananthanarayan

    We selected 60+ sutras that focus on the processes of perception, meaning making and self-reflectivity. After having a brief discussion on each, we embarked on a long-term process of decoding the meaning of these sutras in relationship to process work. This paper will take a few of these sutras to elaborate upon and show the parallels between the Yoga Sutra and Inner Work.

  • Ushering in the Subjective Age of Sri Aurobindo
    Gomathy Balasubramanian

    Sri Aurobindo theorises that in the future, human civilisations and cultures across the world will turn inwards for knowledge; ushering in the Subjective Age following the current Individualist Rational Age. This Subjective age will integrate the objective epistemologies of rational enquiry of our current times; with subjective epistemologies of the subliminal worlds and the inner being.

  • Some Characteristic Features of Our Tradition
    Sushanta Banerjee

    Process Work has acquired several ‘rupas’. All these have a great deal in common especially at the intent level and yet have distinctive features characterising their working. The traditions are distinct in terms of their axioms and methods. These constitute the tradition.