• Process Work! Process & Work. Or Work in Progress, to use a familiar manufacturing term. These are the thoughts that come to my mind. “Process” as in ongoing, unfinished, still to be worked on. “Work” as in time consuming, difficult but also satisfying, rewarding. Most importantly, for me,  a way of learning.

    And a way of looking at my ways of thinking, my ways of feeling, my ways of speaking, my ways of listening. An honest and gentle look at where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going.

    Why? To bring a much needed awareness to my own processes of thinking, feeling, hearing, listening and just being in a space that is safe, comfortable and private. Held by co-travellers with long years of experience in holding the safety, comfort and privacy of that space. Companions who are adept at talking about where they’ve been, where they are, where they are going.

    And the most charming part that I have experienced and continue to, is the long lasting bonds with random strangers. The realization that I am part of a community. A resource, a place from where I can draw on when in need and reciprocate when I get the opportunity.

    I began to write hoping to understand the fusion, the confluence, the passion with which I embrace process work and storytelling. To find the place of each in my life. I find from my writing that it would be the same. That I could be talking of either. 

    Peter Viegas

    Part shaman, part drummer, part  storyteller - all fun

  • "Process work has enabled me to meaningfully enhance the experience of theatre for myself and others. It gets us beyond technique to delve deeper within, get under our own skin and masks to bring characters truly alive with authenticity."

    Padmavati Rao

    Theatre artist, film actor and farmer

  • "A journey everyone must make sometime. It is a beautiful community of people who are all on a journey to discover themselves, each at a different stage in his/her quest."

    Neharika Vohra

    Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University

  • "Aastha’s Summer Event gave me a space to understand and be understood and helped me to relook at my choices and patterns—personal and professional. I think it is a space for everyone who approaches it with trust and integrity. It has been life-changing and I would definitely recommend it."

    Kabeer Mathur

    Corporate Lawyer

  • "The eleven day internship programme was a memorable and insightful experience for me. It helped me recognize my preconceived notions which were not productive to my relationships."

    Siva Sankar Kantheti

    Co founder and resource person
    Viridus Social Impact Solutions

  • "In my personal as well as professional roles, process work has been instrumental in expanding my world view and in relating with diverse groups, from children to teachers to parents and curriculum too. Owning up more dimensions of myself has enabled me to do so with others too. I strongly believe that holistic education is possible when the adults, who have a great influence in the life of a child, have engaged with knowing themselves deeper--their patterns, thoughts, opinions, biases and more."

    Sudha Ravi

    Prakriya Green Wisdom School

  • “Aastha to me is a space where I pause and from there find myself in a heightened and deeper state of understanding of the person that I am. It adds to my wisdom, my perspectives, and my journey. I love that the experience is alive even when I am away from the space. Initially I thought the programme will be one of those self - help programs with trainers, Yoga and meditation, but it was a different experience all together.

    Chirag Singal

    Early Childhood Researcher

  • At the Summer Programmes, I find un-judged receiving, a space to express myself and relief in knowing that I feel what I feel and I can be understood. I have learnt that when I engage more, I receive more. Long clenched definitions and pain have found catharsis. There has also been an acquaintance with the cultural and parental messages that had found their way into my being.

    Each time in the process space, I have simultaneously felt held and challenged with regard to my actions and inaction. For me, process work seems to have a way of sifting through, laying out and magnifying what is essential and foremost.

    Varun Rupela

    Gardener, Water and Waste Consultant, Learning to be a Therapist

  • My first experience at Aastha was at the Youth Programme when I was 15. For the first time, I was awakened to the multiple dimensions of my being and my propensities. It also gave me a framework to choose the propensities I wanted to strengthen in my journey of growth and self-discovery.

    Almost 15 years later at a critical crossroad of my life, I came back to this safe space where I could examine and accept my confusion, validate my choices and tap into my inner strength to move forward in confidence. 

    Overall, a highly recommend experience whether or not you realize you need it!!

    Kavya Kumar

    Corporate Professional

  • Having attended both Aastha Programmes for children and the youth group, made the turmoil of adolescence and growing up a lot less hazy and confusing. Here I can exist, and express my voice with no judgment, which is always comforting. It's always fascinating and enriching to learn about different perspectives of the human experience and the different journeys people have ventured into, whenever I attend. 

    I have uncovered so many parts of myself I never knew existed. Acknowledging these parts and learning how to face them head on, has truly been cathartic.

    Nivriti Sriram

    Undergrad Student, Christ University

  • Process work, as a way of being, has been something I have come to cherish so deeply. Programmes with Aastha have helped me pause, relook at choices, be aware of patterns that I fall into, be in touch with my deeper self and anchor from my being, receiving and giving of myself from there. It has helped me get in touch with both my own abundance and the abundance in the people and the world around me. It has changed my life, and if you were to ask me - you should definitely do it, no matter what career, or age or time in your life!

    Priyanka Raja

    Entrepreneur, Communication Specialist

  • I was told by a well-wisher that I should attend the Aastha Programme, as it would be a nice experience. I made my excuses about.... lack of time , don't have the money to spare now, work is very hectic, maybe when I feel better, weather too hot , etc. etc.

    She did not bother following up for a few weeks and then ...just said, "It may be a nice experience, consider it". She said it with a calm sincerity and that just stuck with me. I enrolled for the programme a year later...just the way it was put across to me with such simplicity, had intrigued me and the thought lingered.

    The programme was a fortunate intervention for me ... met so many wonderful people, the calmness of facilitators and methodology of engagement was subtle but effective. Enabled me to drop my outward facade of consistently wanting to have a disposition that showcased no worries and loads of fun and laughter, portray that life is always great ...to believing and understanding that 'Living in the Moment' and cherishing the life we have and what it has endowed us with, really enhances the meaning to life and our internal happiness!

    The fact that there is so much under promised and how we are encouraged to embark on the journey of knowing ourselves better, empathizing with our fellow members , evolving an understanding of oneself, sharing our deepest thoughts and fears (which we do not even know we have in us)... one comes out more aware, much lighter in mind, emotionally feeling stronger and realizing how grateful one should be for all that life has offered to us and how each of those moments have made us what we are today, how we feel the way we do today, why we think the way we do today. Made me appreciate what I have, what life has to offer and what I can offer to people around me and the world around me.

    Achaiah Pradhan

    Corporate Executive