Pravaah - a journey towards expansiveness
16 - 17 Nov 2019

Pravaah, the conference is dedicated to Dr. Pulin Garg to honour the pioneering work he has done in the area of Process Work and the number of lives he has touched.

This Behavioural Science Conference will attempt to cover, a wide spectrum of Process Work. The conference intends to co - create spaces for sharing ideas, perspectives and relevance of work done by many in the field. As a part of Aastha’s belief in being connected to our core and ever evolving, the conference helps us rearticulate and explore various realms of human phenomena. It also enables us to be in touch with intellectual rigour that this work entails.

Summer Event

The Summer Event is our annual Flagship Programme offered in the month of May every year that brings together participants from all stages of life. During the Summer Event there are programmes offered for Children, Youth and Adults from different walks of life. The Community therefore is representative of the world outside. The experience of an enabling space that is a microcosm of an individual’s life space facilitates deeper exploration.

Winter Event

The Winter Event aims to create a vibrant learning experiential space, in which participants engage at a deeper level, connect with fellow participants who come from diverse backgrounds and reflect on their life choices so far and learn to set their own directions.