A Soul’s Canvas

Impressions deep
Stir my soul
Pain, sorrow, grief
Pierce the fabric
Of my being

I wear a mask
So colourful
That  you cannot
Detect the acne
on my soul’s canvas

Layers of inauthenticity
Shroud my true self
What I am 
Lies captive within
Struggling to breathe.

Aastha was the fertile space, which helped me germinate... through the Labs in Harihar,  there was quite a churn and struggle to integrate parts of myself I did not want to accept or acknowledge. I had to plough through the dry arid soil my psyche had become…

The process was not easy …

I had to give away my courage and strength
And adopt vulnerability and fear
I had to stop giving and start receiving gracefully
I had to make friends with my smallness
I had to stop seeking and start giving
I had to draw on my own wisdom 
I had to throw clarity out of the window
And make peace with confusion and chaos
I had to give up the need for beauty and perfection
And love my inabilities and ugliness

And then I could  breathe, I feel, I live...

Process work and Aastha a helped me realise my true potential,
I grew into a tall tree and bore fruit that many savour
Many take rest under my shady form,
some make home with me.
There are many ecosystems alive within me.

Akila Vaidyanathan
Professional Member