Webinar Series - 5

Webinar Series - 5

Date: 29th and 30th August, 2020

Chouboli by The Story Tellers

A motley group of passionate narrators called The Storytellers enchanted Aastha-ites with their Rajasthani folk tale Chouboli by Vijayan Detha. All 40 participants were rapt in attention as the nestled narrative (stories in story) unravelled about a Rajput princess. The session ended with interaction between the storytellers sharing their perspectives & active responses from the audience as to what of the story attached itself to them, whom they identified with or did not relate to; what got evoked in them during the narration; how they interpreted the various characters within the four sub-stories. Day one had invitee guests in addition to Aastha members.

On Day two a group of 28 Aastha members used the story as a trigger to explore their own inner journeys in three smaller groups and dived into themes that emerged; social constructs that are internalised / perpetuated; gender stereotypes which persist, our own vows of silence, patterns of choice making, the price we pay for these choices, acceptance, rejection, and related questions like ‘are we the Hero’s of our own Journey?’, and much more. The group also shared how each one of us carry the multiple characters of the stories within us and each of these plays their part from time to time. A fulsome discussion took place on how we use or do not use our voice and what lost opportunities mean to us. Chouboli held her voice but had never lost it.

The sessions ended with people deeply reflective and in a state of further unfolding. The medium of storytelling seemed well suited to the digital format and its limitations seem to have faded.