Webinar Series - 2

Webinar Series - 2

Panel Discussion on ‘Redefinitions’

Date: 13 June 2020

Timings: 4 pm to 6 pm

Moderator: Narpati Luthra

Panelists: Mehroo Kotval, Padmakar K, Padmavati Rao & Varun Rupela

Living is a dynamic process of constant engagement of inner and outer worlds. Managing engagement of these dynamic and ever changing worlds can be quite daunting.

Different stages / phases of life demand different versions of oneself. Often, life brings one to a crossroad where questioning and re-questioning is inevitable. What seemed a remote possibility is reality and what was real seems like a distant dream. And this calls for questioning of ones beliefs, patterns, values... and a redefinition of what truly  matters... what seems more real and relevant... more meaningful and wholesome...

In our need for a sense of stability, we make a permanent image of the outer world, the context, the meaning we give to relationships and people, and it is difficult to accept that as we change and the world changes, redefinitions are required. So the process of redefining ourselves is actually redefining our perception of the outer and inner worlds, to bring them in alignment with the reality of today. 

In the current context, this process becomes more pronounced as each of us are trying to figure out the ‘New Normal’. We are trying to redefine and make sense quickly. However, all evolution processes, take the natural cycle of time to evolve and transform. Can we then focus on dealing with this process, pro-actively? 

The invitation is to, deconstruct with curiosity, construct with passion, hope and faith to learn how the process can bring in wholesomeness and well-being.  Creating with joy and discovering new aspects of oneself, time and again is growth.