Aesthetics of Relationships

Aesthetics of Relationships

12th and 13th February, 2021(Friday and Saturday)
Facilitators: Ashutosh Bhupatkar & Ishita Bose / Minaxi Mathur & Varun Rupela
Timings: 05:30 – 08:45 pm

We exist in relationships and hope to find fulfilment in them.  Relationships present new experiences all the time, which ranges from extreme happiness to other extremes. We either face them or allow relationships to fade away.  Close and intimate relationships have such a profound impact on our lives; hence we felt a need to offer an Aastha space for exploring the same.

In these sessions we will be using short films as a starting point to look at relationships closely and begin an exploratory journey of how we give meanings to togetherness, attraction, expectations and trust. 

Each participant is free to walk and choose his/her own path of exploration. With the hope that all of us return from this journey with a renewed sensitivity to the beauty that lies at the heart of each and every close relationship.

Do join us for this exploratory journey...