Rising Stars

Rising Stars

(For Young Adults)

This programme is recommended for those who:

  • are working with integrating their convictions and their role expectations while engaging with the outside world.
  • are trying to seek a balance between following their dreams and the ideals they seem to hold.
Age Group: Individuals aged 20 - 28 years
Date: 14 - 20 May 2022
Duration: 06 Days

Young people enter new stages of life with a lot of excitement and hope. Work and education give meaning, purpose and opportunities. This also throws up challenges.

The real test is how you retain your spirit and passion while adjusting to demands of your role and the system.

  • explore aspects of roles and relationships - expectations, fulillment and disappointments.
  • review internal meanings and assumptions held.
  • examine action choices that integrate role, selfand organisational needs.
Programme Fees

Standard non AC, double occupancy – INR 28,000/-
Standard non AC, single occupancy – INR 30,000/-
Executive AC, double occupancy – INR 33,000/-
Executive AC, single occupancy – INR 39,000/-

(Fee is inclusive of stay and food)