Igniting Potential and Enlivening Self

Igniting Potential and Enlivening Self

This programme is recommended for individuals:

  • Interested in enhancing their personal understanding of self for growth and development.
  • Engaged in awareness of people processes, whether in an organisation, education, social sector or running own business or family unit.
Age Group: Individuals above 25 years
Date: 09 - 14 May 2023
Duration: 06 Days

Our inner landscape of feelings, aspirations, motivations and the dreams we cherish, often lie unexplored and unexpressed. These questions about our inner and outer worlds can leave us feeling restless. The lab is a space to explore these landscapes.

All systems create roles with diverse pulls and pressures that place a high demand on the individual to cope and deliver. This programme invites you to embrace and integrate your various existing roles.

  • To understand the way you take charge of your growth, restate the vision for self and your life spaces.
  • To explore dilemmas in work-life and self-role balance.
  • To explore new possibilities through intense interactions and concept sessions.
Programme Fees

Standard non AC, double occupancy – INR 28,000/-
Standard non AC, single occupancy – INR 30,000/-
Executive AC, double occupancy – INR 33,000/-
Executive AC, single occupancy – INR 39,000/-

(Fee is inclusive of stay and food)