Igniting Potential and Enlivening Self

Igniting Potential and Enlivening Self

This programme is recommended for individuals and organisations:

  • who /that are interested in enhancing their personal understanding of self for growth and development.
  • who / that are engaged in awareness of people processes, be it in organisations, education/social sector or running businesses.
Age Group: Individuals
Date: 7 - 12 Dec 2019
Duration: 06 Days

For whom

This programme is recommended for those individuals, who having achieved a measure of success; are now confronted with the challenge of continuing personal growth. It is also meant for those professionals in social sector, education and family business, who have the responsibility of fostering growth and development within their units.


All systems create roles with diverse pulls and pressures that place a high demand on the individual to conform, cope and deliver. The rewards that come with performance can reinforce the dependency on the system. It is at this juncture that there is a need to mobilize the self in new ways. This calls for revisiting deep rooted beliefs and assumptions.


The programme aims at:

  • revisiting notions of growth and vision of a good life that have been operative so far
  • exploring the boundaries of roles and systems
  • exploring new possibilities to engage with people, roles and organizations
Programme Fees

INR 27000/- for AC twin shared occupancy
INR 35000/- for single occupancy

Note: Dormitory accommodation (limited) may be available for self sponsored and/ or from social sector.

Please contact the Programme Directorate.