Exploring Human Processes and Facilitation

Exploring Human Processes and Facilitation

This Programme is recommended for individuals who are passionate about their inner search for meaning and are committed to working with the self to promote well-being for self and others.

Age Group: Individuals above 25 years
Date: 09 - 17 May 2023
Duration: 09 Days

The Internship is an experiential programme. The design enables participants to understand the deeper processes of unfolding of the self. It also helps in increasing awareness of thoughts and emotions, leading to offering newer and diverse perspectives for meaningful action choices.

Experiential learning helps in designing and facilitating interventions for learning and growth at the individual and collective level.


The internship programme is a journey of self- discovery with a quest to add new meanings and explore untapped potential. It involves:

  • Re-examining experiences in life and work spaces.
  • Re-looking at patterns of interpersonal relationships.
  • Looking at world views carried from familial and cultural contexts.
Programme Fees

Standard non AC, double occupancy – INR 32,000/-
Standard non AC, single occupancy – INR 35,000/-
Executive AC, double occupancy – INR 41,000/-
Executive AC, single occupancy – INR 51,000/-

(Fee is inclusive of stay and food)