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Advanced Programmes Meta Labs

Meta Labs are meant for individuals who have prior experience of process work and Aastha Interns. These are process labs with a thematic and macro focus. They look beyond the dynamics of individuals / relationships to explore the very nature of human existence. Interns who wish to become professional members of Aastha need to necessarily attend at least two Meta Labs in addition to the three phases. Meta Labs are announced separately and are residential programs of 5-7 days duration.

  • This Lab focuses on the dynamics of the interplay between the “Inevitables” of the living context & the “Imperatives” of the “Being” of the Individual. The direction is to add perspectives / expand horizons and add more choices and possibilities for the Self.

  • This Meta Lab explores the simultaneity and play of Masculine & Feminine energies within each individual. It also looks at influence of Gender on shaping individual identities.

  • This Lab integrates the Science and the Art of Psychodrama along with the conceptual underpinnings. It includes exploration of the various constituents of Psycho-drama in the application in a process group setting.

  • This lab provides a space to examine the thresholds of Being and Becoming and how they play out in the way individuals live and work; and as process facilitators in working with others.

  • This Lab explores the four bio-existential realities of Life. In engaging with / confronting these realities, humankind has evolved in various ways and also collectively created contexts of human endeavor.

    These bio-existential realities are :

    • The reality of life and death (context: survival, economics etc.)
    • The reality of finiteness and infiniteness (context: spirituality, religion etc.)
    • The reality of masculinity and femininity (context : art, culture, marriage etc.)
    • The reality of aloneness and togetherness (context: family, associations etc.)
  • All stories in our culture – Mythology, Literature, Folklore etc are all responses to these fundamental realities. This lab provides a space for individuals to explore the way they hold these fundamental realities within them. In particular there would be a focus on how they hold / foster the infiniteness within and without as a dynamic process-in owning up ‘infiniteness’ as a process rather than as a state.

  • The microcosm within is as the macrocosm outside.

    As the ecological balance in the world outside is essential,so the balance within our bodies and minds is also important for our well-being and growth. The meta lab will focus on principles and processes of nature which will help maintain  an ecological balance, such as diversity, flow (change and evolution), energy cycles, interconnectedness and being holistic.

  • “Seeking thresholds to cross”

    As process workers, every now and then, individuals encounter or may need to encounter, some thresholds they need to cross. This is to access another level of fulfillment or another phase as a facilitator irrespective of length of experience or the nature or level of ‘competence’. This lab provides the space to explore the nature of complacence and adventure individuals hold in the institution, and confront themselves.

  • This meta Lab explores body Identity and its link to existential Identity. Purely experiential in nature, this lab seeks to help look at the interconnections between the body (soma), the mind (psyche) and the spirit (life force). The core exploration for the participants of this program is to experience our body deliberately, to discover what meanings we have given to our body – various parts of our body - and how it affects us.


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