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Invitation to Aastha

Organisations often focus mostly on task processes and wonder why things are not happening at 100% of their potential. Increasingly they are realizing that competencies, technology, compensation - the tangibles alone, are not enough to make this happen.

So, what is the missing link?

What get missed out are the people processes - the intangibles.
To put people processes in place one has to begin with oneself.

After putting education behind me, I feel ready for the real world - full of enthusiasm, innovation, idealism: the full dance of the Human Spirit.

A few years down the line in the Organisation exhaustion, fatigue, a sense of drift may set in! I ask myself "What now?" and "What next"? Getting increasingly task focused makes me distant from some realities of life. Questions like "is there anything more to life?" "is money the only satisfier?" are avoided. I am left with purposelessness, dryness, meaninglessness and often cynicism. When I reach this stage I often handle everything routinely, performing chores mechanically. Yet, I am expected to provide Customer delight, motivate others, be full of energy - generally provide an "aha" experience.

I find myself either living in the nostalgia of the not-too-distant-past or living in a world of future fantasies, letting the present slip by.......

I often wonder, .Am I alone in feeling so? Are there others like me? Where do I find my answers? What are my Top line and Bottom line? How do I find these?

How do I marry the tangibles and intangibles of my life with those of my organisation?

The process space offers a platform to ask many such meaningful questions and possibly get relevant answers.


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