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About Us

Aastha is a community of people from diverse walks of life. Most of us are on a path of self exploration, 'out of active choice' and 'commitment' to ourselves and our growth. Aastha offers an institutional space, enabling climate to facilitate one's search through up's & down's, struggle and soul searching to help find a path that is both meaningful & wholesome.

Aastha was formed in 1994 as a creative departure from ISISD with an aspiration to invest to create a larger canvas.

The trustees and facilitators of Aastha have been involved for over a decade in working with human processes at the level of self, group, organizations society. Aastha also draws on its network of highly committed resource people from the field of management, education and behavorial science as faculty for their program. Aastha is truely an institution in the mind of people.

Aasthites are not only looking for process work as an end (tool) in itself but seeking membership in an institutional space.

In the same spirit, the organizational face comes alive seamlessly with Aasthites staking their claim and taking on responsibilities and not waiting for invitations.


Aastha Foundation, 70, Chikkanayakana Halli Road, Off Doddakaneli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560035 Phone : 080 28440925
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