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Igniting Potential and Enlivening Self
We are living in an age where the changes in the outer ecology of our world are unprecedented in history - both in the physical environment and in the human-social environment. Such shifting environments call for new and creative responses, particularly from individuals who have chosen demanding careers. To lead a fulfilling and not merely a successful life in such times, an individual needs to re-examine and rework ones'self, roles, visioning etc.

The focus of this program would be on understanding one's self and potential to find a better integration in work and family life.
The programme would provide a setting which would help individuals:
  • To understand the way we take charge of our growth, own up our vision for ourselves and our organisational vision.
  • To review work style and the nature of one's potential, relationships and identities.
  • To explore new possibilities through new relatedness and expressions in the group, as well as through intensive interactions and concept sessions.


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